The Multi-Tool Your Teeth Will Love

We all know how important it is to brush our teeth every day, but aren’t we forgetting something? It turns out that many people who think they’re practicing good dental hygiene are missing out on a critical step: flossing.

According to a survey published by Delta Dental, nearly seventy percent of Americans brush their teeth at least twice a day. That’s pretty good! However, according to the same study, only forty percent of Americans floss at least once a day, and twenty percent surveyed said that they never floss. That means that over half of Americans aren’t flossing as much as they should be.

What if there was an easier way for you to brush and floss your teeth? That’s where we come in.

Our 3-in-One™ Floss Pick Brush is a multifunctional dental tool that’s designed to remove plaque quickly and efficiently. Our Floss Pick Brush is built to be portable and convenient. That’s why it has durable double floss, a protective cap, a foldable toothbrush, and a toothpick.


The built-in toothpick in our Floss Pick Brush gets rid of nasty food particles that can get stuck between your teeth. If left untouched, these particles can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.  The pick helps you clean these pieces out quickly and safely, all while making sure that no one else notices any leftover lunch between your teeth.


The dual floss is super durable and adds the extra cleaning power you need. Our pick is designed to be easy to use. That’s why we equip it with two strings, so that you can get the plaque out without the struggle. It’s flossing made easy.


The specially-designed foldable toothbrush reaches the most hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. Plus, the toothbrush fits inside of the protective cap so it can stay clean for future use. Simply pull the brush out and clean your teeth after meals or snacks. Now you can feel fresh all day.


We understand what a busy lifestyle looks like. That’s why the 3-in-One™ Floss Pick Brush is designed with you in mind. It is small, compact and perfect for on-the-go, so you don’t have to worry about lugging your other dental supplies around with you.

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