The 3 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Why is it that everything you crave is so bad for you? If the Easter Bunny visited you this past weekend, chances are your basket is full of goodies that are bad for your teeth.

To protect our teeth, we should avoid the following foods. However, we know that sometimes these foods are pretty irresistible. Just remember to keep everything in moderation.

Stop the Crunch

Are you an ice chewer? If so, stop. Just stop. Chewing ice is a dental emergency waiting to happen. It strips enamel and can even cause teeth to chip! It’s our recommendation that you enjoy ice in its liquid form only.

Stay Away From Sugary Goodness

Bacteria build-up, dry mouth, enamel breakdown…these don’t sound fun, do they? Soft drinks and sugary beverages can create all sorts of havoc in your mouth. If you are addicted to sweetness and can’t avoid soda, be sure to rinse your mouth with water after you enjoy sugary drinks.

Slow the Sticky and Sour Intake

One of our favorite candies is Sour Patch Kids. Is anyone else a fan? Sour and chewy may be your favorite sweet, but the acid is tough on your tongue and teeth. Plus, gummy snacks can get stuck to and in your teeth, which can cause decay. Want a sweet alternative? Chew sugar-free gum. Unlike candy, chewing gum can actually help your teeth.

Whatever your favorite bad-for-you food is, remember you only get one set of chompers, so you have to take care of them. Swing by our Amazon store and order our Oral-in-One Floss-Pick-Brush or Better Toothbrush to keep your teeth healthy.