Keys to Maintaining Dental Hygiene While Traveling

Traveling tends to be what keeps us going through crappy weather and long work days.  We spend so much time planning and looking forward to our trips, we often forget how hectic it can be. As a dental hygiene company, we want to remind you how important it is to make your oral health a priority while vacationing.

We all put our diet on the backburner and indulge in diverse dishes, sweets and sugary beverages (hello Mai Tai) during our travels.  However, this doesn’t have to impact your oral hygiene.  Follow the below simple steps and enjoy healthy fresh breath your entire trip.

Pack an Extra

It’s not unheard of to misplace or lose your toothbrush (or luggage) while traveling, so stock up and have an extra handy.  Buy a 2-pack of our Better Toothbrush to have as a just-in-case supply.

Go Small

For the in-between moments when you can’t actually get to a sink to brush your teeth, keep small dental touch up tools in your bag or pocket.  The 3-in-OneTM and Oral-in-OneTM Floss-pick-brush is the perfect tool in-between brushing.

Keep the Sugar on the Down Low

It’s easy to overdue the sweets, alcohol, and sugary beverages, it is vacation after all.  Try your best to resist temptation, especially if you don’t have the ability to brush after indulging. Hello, self-control.

Make the Night Cap Count

End every day with a good thorough cleaning.  If you’re able to give yourself touch-ups throughout the day using the Better Toothbrush or one of our Floss-pick-brush tools, it will go a long way in maintaining good oral hygiene during crazy travel days.

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