How Halloween Candy Affects Your Teeth

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to break out the costumes and the masks. Trick-or-treating is a fun way for kids to celebrate the season, but the candy they collect is far from good for their teeth.

Our team put together a list of some of the best and worst Halloween candy for your teeth, along with some healthy alternatives.

The Worst

Generally speaking, the worst types of candy for your teeth are sour flavors, suckers, and sticky candy. The sour candies contain acid that eats away at enamel. Sticky candy can be hard to remove from teeth, which encourages bacteria to grow.

Even worse are suckers. Each lick fills your mouth with acids that can result in cavities. Suckers are a prolonged experience, which means the whole time you’re eating one, it’s attacking your teeth.

So, when you put all of these together, we have to say that one of the worst kinds of candy are caramel apple suckers. These are a crowd favorite, but they’re sticky, chewy, sour, and suckers. That’s the worst of all of these things!

The Better

Although candy isn’t ideal, there are some types of sweets that don’t wreak as much havoc on your teeth. Dark chocolate is a great alternative to the candy we listed above because it doesn’t contain much sugar at all.

Chocolate is also easier for you to wash off of your teeth, which means that it doesn’t pose as much of a threat to your dental health. Just be sure to rinse your mouth out with water when you’re done eating.

The Best

The ideal alternatives for Halloween sweets are healthy snacks! Serve your child wholesome fruit like apples or even roasted nuts. These foods provide vitamins and minerals that your teeth need, and they’re both perfect for the fall.

We want you to have healthy teeth all year round. That’s why all of our dental care products are designed to give you a deep clean every time. Browse our collection today and start embracing good dental health.